Time to do the “Golden Rule”

OK, I’m starting a blog, and I sincerely hope it moves some people to action. I’m new and it may take some time for me to learn the subtleties and “tricks” but be patient. I’m here for two reasons: 1) to tell people about what our organization does; and 2) to remind people that it’s ALWAYS the right time to do the Golden Rule.


About Alpha Mobility Mission

Alpha Mobility Mission is a Public Charity under IRS determination as a 501 (c) (3) (Tax Exempt) Corporation. We specialize in solving personal transportation issues encountered by disabled and indigent persons across the United States, including stranded traveler assistance, relocation assistance to homeless or run-aways, and funeral and other emergency travel aid. Our organization operates 100% on donations. When you support our organization you're helping those in need to be able to move to a better place, be closer to family, or attend funerals and other functions they otherwise would not have been able to. Please help us by visiting our website and making a donation: it means the world to those we're helping!
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6 Responses to Time to do the “Golden Rule”

  1. Thomas says:

    Welcome. Everyone has to start somewhere. I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. MaryMaude says:

    Hello there – I love your blog’s title and I’m a noobie too – let me see another post on your blog soon.

  3. MaryMaude says:

    Hey there fellow noobie – I saw the link info above about clicking someone’s name and it links to their blog. I don’t know what blog will show up should you click my name because I have two. One to do all my experimenting on and the “real” blog – the one for my husband. I wish I had known about your organization before today. I just ended up going into debt temporarily to pay for all my airfare costs but it got taken care of after a while.

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