An inconvenient … opinion

I am, like everyone else, shocked and humbled by what the good people of Japan are dealing with right now, especially with the continuing high-Richter aftershocks and the potential for nuclear powerplant disasters…. those of us in the industrial world whose biggest concern is that gas prices will go up even more: shame shame!!

And to those Americans who think that Japan doesn’t need their help, allow me to make the following suggestion: how about STILL deciding to “do the Golden Rule” right here at home and donate to a charity which serves America’s disabled and disadvantaged? Go to and make a difference right in your own city.


About Alpha Mobility Mission

Alpha Mobility Mission is a Public Charity under IRS determination as a 501 (c) (3) (Tax Exempt) Corporation. We specialize in solving personal transportation issues encountered by disabled and indigent persons across the United States, including stranded traveler assistance, relocation assistance to homeless or run-aways, and funeral and other emergency travel aid. Our organization operates 100% on donations. When you support our organization you're helping those in need to be able to move to a better place, be closer to family, or attend funerals and other functions they otherwise would not have been able to. Please help us by visiting our website and making a donation: it means the world to those we're helping!
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