Albert Einstein said: “There are two ways to live; you can live as if nothing is a miracle… or you can live as if everything is a miracle!”

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by just how miraculous life really is. Sure we take a lot for granted… but we shouldn’t. Life is a fragile as well as a miraculous thing, but we tend (especially “civilized” cultures) to forget it as we distract ourselves with the daily grind of worrying about what we have and how to keep it (or don’t have, and how to get it). Americans are so “into” conspicuous consumption that we can’t even share what we have without being guilt-tripped into it.
I sat in a car in the parking lot next to a WalMart one afternoon and watched the behavior of all the cars which had to stop at the corner before pulling onto the street… there was a guy with a hand-made sign asking for help, and I’m not going to get into the argument about whether he’s secretly well-off or that he was just looking for money for booze or drugs. What I want to say is that I never would have imagined how many ways there are for people to distract themselves while driving so that they didn’t have to look at that guy!!! They were making phone calls, searching for “lost” items in the car, checking the back seat for “forgotten” children, you name it. Personally, I admire these guys, because in all honesty, I’m too self-conscious to stand before the world with a sign that proclaims my need for help. And yes I usually give them a little something. Here’s an easy way to do it: get a sandwich bag, and put your spare change in it every day til you run across (preferably not “over”) one of these people, and give them that. Sometimes I give a package of cookies or crackers, or a can of soup with a pull-tab top… a loaf of bread can go a long way too. But the main point is, don’t be so critical of others, just because of their situation. We have all made wrong decisions before, and especially in this economy, people don’t necessarily have be “screw-ups” to find themselves in desperate circumstances.
I’ve been there. I’ve been homeless, and hungry, and felt the frustration of not being able to even get a ride somewhere. That’s a big part of the reason I founded Alpha Mobility Mission: to help people who have no one else to turn to. We limit our assistance to transportation issues, but even at that we are swamped with calls for help. What we are NOT swamped with, is incoming funds to provide that assistance. We bought a list of churches to call for help (there are approximately 287,000 churches in the US and we got a list of the 1,000 biggest congregations – over 2,500 members – so as not to strain the smaller churches), but about half-way through that list we were painfully aware that it was a wasted effort. In fact we never received a dime from one single church. But that’s ok, we realize that America’s churches are burdened heavily by the economy and resultant drain on their limited resources, and that they DO widely support agencies such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, and local Head Start and things like that, so we heartily applaud their efforts. My point here is more toward the membership of the congregations…. I think that my parent’s generation was the last to really care about anyone else. My generation, and those following it (baby-boomers and since) don’t care about others unless it serves some other purpose, and even then not until after we are satisfied that we have more than we need at the moment.
Do I have something to say? Yes. And yes, it serves my own purposes! I’m blogging today to support another charity which is doing something tangible to help those in dire need of transportation, Free Charity Cars, an organization which gives away used cars to people who have serious need of one. And you, dear reader, can participate in this noble endeavor, even without spending so much as a nickle (though we’d hope you might see your way clear to small supportive donations). All of which brings me, at long last, back to my subject for today: miracles… YOU can help make a small miracle happen for somebody who needs one. Visit FCC website at <a href="http://Join me at Free Charity Cars!“>


About Alpha Mobility Mission

Alpha Mobility Mission is a Public Charity under IRS determination as a 501 (c) (3) (Tax Exempt) Corporation. We specialize in solving personal transportation issues encountered by disabled and indigent persons across the United States, including stranded traveler assistance, relocation assistance to homeless or run-aways, and funeral and other emergency travel aid. Our organization operates 100% on donations. When you support our organization you're helping those in need to be able to move to a better place, be closer to family, or attend funerals and other functions they otherwise would not have been able to. Please help us by visiting our website and making a donation: it means the world to those we're helping!
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